Pig equipment and accessories


Galvanized fencing „Agrafka”
Fences provide separated lying areas for diary cattle.
The shape of the fence is specially designed to give comfort to animals and make cleaning of lying areas easier.
Fences are made from hot-dip galvanized steel, connection elements are galvanized.

Ridge skylight

Thanks to materials used for construction (aluminum and polycarbonate plates) the skylight is stable, light but also damage and UV resistant.
Skylight construction makes it possible to create appropriate microclimate needed in animal breeding. Especially the maximum use of day light and rain protection make it essential in proper ventilation.
Durable and easy to install.
The edges of wind cover are finished with brushes or cut to the shape of the roof.

Polycarbonate windows

Windows made from aluminum and polycarbonate plates, which makes them durable and damage resistant.
Opening by electrical drive (option)
Windows are opened on the entire length.
Easy in operation and clearing
Provide additional natural lightning and proper ventilation of the barn

Wall curtains

Provide proper barn ventilation
Curtains are opened on the entire length.

Electrical cow brush

Cow brush uses natural cow effect when rubbing against the trees.
Improves cow welfare.
Suitable for cows of different sizes
Contributes to increase of milk yield.
Reduces the costs of veterinary care.

Spring cow brush

Cow brush uses natural cow effect when rubbing against the trees.
Improves cow welfare.
Contributes to increase of milk yield.

Mats for lying area (polyethylene)

Polyethylene is no-toxic material, antiallergic anti-fungal
Mat doesn’t need to be cleaned with clearing detergents
Waterproof and non-absorbing material guarantees perfect thermal insulation.
Light (10kg) makes the installation simple and easy.
Dimensions: thickness: 40mm, width: 1230mm, length: 1800mm.
Does not absorb water.
Reinforced with fiber glass net and covered with anti slip layer.

Concrete slats for cattle

High quality slat made from concrete class B45 – B55. Optimal for animals up to 350 kg.

Strip curtains

The strips are mounted on hangers, which makes the installation simple and easy in every place.
Temperature resistant, adopted to use in livestock building environment.

Truck tanks, series DF

• Made from steel coated with anti-corrosion paint, driven by a cardan shaft connected to the tractor
• Mounted on a rigid two or four-axis wheel;
• Parking brake;
• Loading through the top hutch opened manually;
• Discharge through 200mm screw conveyor lifted by hand pump;
• Maximum discharge range 9,5 m;
• Available in different colours;
• Optional equipment: pneumatic or hydraulic brakes, safety net.

Shelter for calves

Outdoor fibreglass shelters for calves

Excellent resistance to environmental agents, high mechanical stability, maintenance-free life of at least 20 years
The possibility to be successfully installed in all climate conditions and to stand temperature fluctuations from -40° C. to +45° C
Better health and faster weight increase for the calves thanks to natural aeration and the excellent thermal insulation provided by fibreglass. The death and disease propagation rates of the calves kept in outdoor boxes are considerably inferior to the rates registered in conventional stables.
A wide range of accessories, among which we count metal fences, hay racks, feed troughs, bucket holders, rainproof protections and
much more.
Easy transport and quick assembly thanks to their modular design;

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