TerraExim – Agroimpex Sp. z o.o. supplies farmers with equipment for animal breeding. Our company was founded in 1989 and focuses its activities on designing technology for livestock buildings, comprehensive advisory, complete logistic, assembling and service.




Our aim is to design and supply technology for livestock buildings. We offer high quality products meeting all necessary Polish norms and European directives which help the farmers achieve better results in their animal production. Most of our products come from leading European companies from agricultural sector – Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy, Holland. In our offer rang we also have high quality Polish products. We are the exclusive dealer for Polish market of Spanish company Rotecna.


We train our designers and salesmen in leading European companies form agricultural sector. We pay great attention that our technology projects and offered equipment meet all necessary Polish norms and European directives regarding animal breeding. TerraExim – Agroimpex designers and salesmen give advise regarding equipment selection and animal keeping. Visiting the customer on the farm they help farmers to adjust the offer to their individual needs. We aim not only to reach a big group of potential clients but first of all to apply optimal technical solution and ensure professional care to the farm.

Design Department

We have our own department responsible for designing the animal breeding technology. It gives us opportunity for quick and efficient design of technology in every livestock building. The project is prepared according to the salesman guidelines who precisely describes the farmers needs. So far we`ve prepared over 2500 projects of livestock buildings.



  • 260 individual pens
  • 1 boar
  • 1152 sows with feeding stations
  • 480 farrowing pens


  • 812 sows in group pens


  • 2560 finishers

Technical Department

In 2007 we opened our own technical department which was based on our great knowledge of agricultural sector and the needs of the farmers. The department is responsible for developing and applying new innovative ideas and solutions. TerraExim – Agroimpex specialists can present the following developments:

  • high pressure cooling systems,
  • alarm systems for livestock buildings,
  • back-up supply systems for livestock buildings,
  • heating plates controllers,
  • feeding system controllers,
  • main power supply units for livestock buildings (up to 250A).

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We would like to develop control system for fans working in ventilation system in livestock buildings.



Our service team is well trained and prepared for quick problem solving. Six service teams are available for farmers in Poland for 7 days in a week. We supervise and install the equipment also in Western and Eastern Europe. To take care of proper effects in pig production we also train the management of the farm.


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