Our projects

For 19 years of activity the company has supplied technology and equipment not only to small individual farmers but also to huge pig and cattle farms in Poland and in East European countries. The company completed many projects for a number greater than 1500 animals in a herd – Agrofirma Spółdzielcza Wroniawy, Agrofirma Spółdzielcza Witkowo, „Farmutil HS” in Śmiłów, Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno – Handlowe „ Ferma – Pol” Sp. z o.o. in Zalesie – Domaszewice.

For several years TerraExim – Agroimpex has been extending its sales promoting technological solutions and equipment on export markets. Since that time thanks to TerraExim – Agroimpex a lot of pig farms and cattle houses have been built in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

The company has great experience with reconstruction and modernization of farms even with 6000 sows. One of our great achievement is signing a contract for designing and supplying technology for two pig farms for the former prime minister of Russian Federation Mr. Viktor Stepanvich Chernomyrdin. The pig farms are situated near Orenburg in Russia on the Eurpo-Asia continent border.


From the left:

  • The chairman: Tomasz Rutka
  • Prime Minister of Russian Federation: Viktor Stepanvich Chernomyrdin
  • East Europe Salesman: Kazimierz Pokorski

Our projects

OAO NPO „Juzhnyj Ural”

One of the farm belonging to Mr. Chernomyrdin is OAO NPO „Juzhnyj Ural” in Swetyi, Orenburskaya oblst: Inwestycja: 3500 sows in closed cycle 12 buildings, width: 72m, lenght: 60m – finishers farm 6 buildings, sow farm This farm was supplied with our equipment in 2006/2007. Right now it is a full running project.

ОАО „Sakmarski Elewator”

The second farm is Otwartej Spółki Akcyjnej „Sakmarski Elewator” in Krasnyj Komunar, Orenburskaya oblst: Investment: 1100 sows in closed cycle 5 buildings, width: 24m lenght: 120m The project was finished at the beginning of 2007.

Other projects

At the moment we are supplying several new huge pig farms on eastern markets. Among the largest projects we can present: OOO „Kuźniecki projekt” in Kuznieck, Pienzenskaya oblast OOO „Top Agro” in Samofalovka, obwód Wołgogradzki OOO ZK „Zolotoy Telenok” in Labinsk, Krasnodarski Kray OOO SPP „Dari Kubani” in Labinsk, Krasnodarski Kray OOO ZK „Wozrozdienije” in […]

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