Feed transport systems

Przenośnik dużej wydajności

W ofercie naszej firmy posiadamy przenośniki o dużej wydajności umożliwiające szybki i wydajny transport dużej ilości surowców.

Przenośnik Ø100 - 10m3/godz. – idealny do zasypu silosów paszowych
Przenośnik Ø160 - 30m3/godz. – idealny do zasypu baterii silosów zbożowych

Spiral conveyors

Spiral conveyor is dedicated for mash and pellet feed transport in livestock buildings and feed mills.

  • spiral conveyer tube diameters: 55, 75, 90 and 127 mm,
  • individual configuration of conveyor accessories,
  • straight and flexible conveyor conduct.

Daltec conveyor – cable-disc

Cable-disc conveyor is dedicated for mash and pellet feed transport ib pig, cattle and poultry houses. The feed is transported inside the tubes by the discs mounted on the cable made from plastic.

  • low noise level,
  • straight and flexible conveyor conduct,
  • individual configuration of conveyor accessories.

Truck tanks

Truck tanks, series DF

• Made from steel coated with anti-corrosion paint, driven by a cardan shaft connected to the tractor;

• Mounted on a rigid two or four-axis wheel;

• Parking brake;

• Loading through the top hutch opened manually;

• Discharge through 200mm screw conveyor lifted by hand pump;

• Maximum discharge range 9,5 m;

• Available in different colours;

• Optional equipment: pneumatic or hydraulic brakes, safety net.

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