Pig equipment and accessories


  • angle trough from polymer concrete, for farrownig pens,
  • ingle open trough from polymer concrete – length: 100 cm, width: 17 or 22 cm,
  • single closed trough from polymer concrete – length: 60 cm,
  • stone open trough – length: 100 cm, diameter 30cm.

Medicine dispenser unit for water lines

  • easy regulation of liquid concentration 0,2% – 2%,
  • chemical factors resistant,
  • water pressure 0,15 – 6 bar,
  • water flow 20 – 2500 l/h.

PCV windows for livestock buildings

  • PVC tilting window , window size available on individual client’s need.

Slurry removal system

  • PCV slurry pipe o średnicy 250 lub 315 mm – diameter 250 or 315 mm – all fittings for pipe connections available,
  • polymer concrete plugs and PVC seat connections – lift and drain system, diameters 200, 250 i 315 mm,
  • pumps, mixers and slurry tanks.

Heating systems for animals

  • heating infrared lamp Helios – power 175 W and 250W, transparent and ruby,
  • lamp seat with 50/100% power switch,
  • heating plates – triangular and rectangular – made from Giki plastic, specially adopted heating cables, steady distribution on the plate surface, special moisture protection,
  • heating cables for the floor,
  • electrical and gas heaters.

High pressure cooling system

High pressure cooling can lower temperature in livestock building supporting the ventilation system when the set temperature can`t be reached inside the building. The system is able to lower the temperature by 5ºC.

The system is based on water evaporation process. Water droplets enter the house through the nozzles under 70-80 bar creating a mist that automatically evaporates. The evaporation process causes the air cooling which improves the climate conditions for animals. Choosing the proper nozzle number in relation to building surface it is possible to lower the temperature by set value remaining needed humidity.

A standard high pressure system contains :

  • high pressure pump with motor
  • water filters
  • control unit, humidity and temperature control
  • security elements (safety valves)
  • solenoid valves
  • tubes, connectors,
  • fittings form stainless steel
  • nozzles
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